Presentation Flyer 2Now consider the Monolithic Dome.

Its curved shape is also its essence. That makes the dome a natural bandshell.

Monolithic technology lends itself perfectly to bandshell construction. You simply inflate an Airform and, with sprayed on shotcrete, solidify that portion of the Airform that you want for the bandshell. Voile! Strike up the band! You have your desired bandshell.

Monolithic Dome bandshells do not come in a standard size or standard shape. They can be built large or small, spherical, hemispherical or elliptical. The client’s needs determine size and shape.

In a bandshell, sound focuses out toward the audience through the face of the half dome. So small bandshells designed for small audiences usually need no amplification. An audience seated in front of the bandshell hears clearly without it. But larger bandshells are often amplified.

Believe it or not, a Monolithic Dome bandshell can be tuned. The tuning depends on what portion of the dome is used and on the dome’s chosen shape. Domes that are more elliptical in shape transmit or megaphone sound differently than those with spherical shapes.