The Monolithic Cabin is a modified Monolithic Dome – like a tunnel with rounded ends. These domes all have a diameter (width) of 12 feet, but their total length and interior space depends on the model.

Model 15 has a length of 15 feet and a living area of 155 square feet. Model 19 is about 19 feet long and 203 square feet. Model 24 is 24 feet long and 266 square feet. All models are a nominal 10 feet high, from bottom of crossbeams to top of roof.


The Monolithic Cabin can be utilized as single units for unique purposes or connected together as multiple units to expand their versatility. They can be delivered to any location or built on site.

Transportable Monolithic Cabin – Monolithic Cabins weigh about 9 to 14 tons. They can be transported by truck or barge to virtually any location and site.

  • Many Uses – A Monolithic Cabin can be designed as a rental unit, eco housing or granny flat, disaster shelter, workshop, office or studio, game room, vacation dome, exercise room, temporary housing for a work crew or home builder, guest house, cold storage, etc.
  • Three Sizes – Monolithic Cabins come in three sizes: Model 15 is 12’ wide, 15’ long and has 150 square feet. Model 19 is 12’ wide, about 19’ long and has 201 square feet. Model 24 is 12’ wide, 24’ long and has 266 square feet.
  • Affordable but Comfortable – Monolithic Cabins make comfortable, affordable single living units. They require only a small amount of land, and can be easily placed into clusters of rental units.
  • Practical and Green – These cabins are tough, super energy-efficient and low maintenance. The Monolithic Cabin is a “green” building!