What does a community need and want in a school structure? We think the number one answer to that question is Safety. A Monolithic Dome makes a school that can’t be beat for safety. It not only meets but exceeds FEMA’s requirements for a structure that provides near-absolute protection.

Monolithic Domes are successful survivors of tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. They can withstand most manmade disasters and are fire-resistant, termite-proof and rot-proof.

In addition to safety and durability, with a Monolithic Dome school, a community gets an ultra conservative energy-user that can be operated and maintained economically.

A Monolithic Dome facility can consist of one or more domes, each designed to fit a specific need, built at one time or in phases.

The Monolithic staff includes professionals to help design a new campus or add to an existing one, answer all your questions, arrange for a tour of a Monolithic Dome school already in use.