The ultimate solution for commercial wine making and retail operations

  • Free span process facilities
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Ancient architecture
  • Unparalleled longevity
  • Near-absolute protection
  • Enhanced built-in marketing
  • Extremely energy efficient!

Continuous foam insulation coupled with the thermal mass of the concrete combine to create the most efficient building system currently available to the market.

The Ultimate Process Facility:

As a process facility there is no competition. With free span open spaces to meet any size requirements, the building becomes an integrated component to the entire system. For dynamic loading of the structure with process machinery or for any devices requiring attachment to the building, the shell is ready. Large conveyors, hoppers, racking etc can easily be attached or suspended from a Monolithic shell.

An example of the structural competence for accepting dynamic loading.

Climate Control Like Nothing Else In The Market:

When it’s temperature and humidity control that must be regulated, this technologically superior system stands apart from all others. Large food storage and distribution companies like CALAMCO, Sun Glo and NorSun Food Groups Inc. and other¬† companies like Lafarge, Equalizer Inc. and Borax store moisture and temperature sensitive raw material In Monolithic dome storage facilities. Seamless construction methods and enormous volume capacity make these structures the only logical choice for any commercial or industrial application.

Ancient Architecture and Enhanced Marketing:

It used to be that domed architecture was exclusive to the wealthy and elite classes of society. It is still considered, by most to be unattainable or financially restrictive to build majestic cathedral like open spaces for retail and office space. This is the perception
simply because people are uninformed of the advancements in building technology. The Monolithic Dome is becoming widely recognized as the ultimate building system. It brings ancient architecture back into modern society but more importantly it is the most affordable solution for any type of building use.

From a marketing standpoint, the dome is an indispensable tool. Broadcast the fact that your business operates using the most advanced, energy efficient, disaster resistant facility available and people will come for more than just the wine. Tell the public to stop in to experience the sophisticated Monolithic Dome architecture while you proudly display your unique profile of wine and experience the positive consumer response. Extremely low heating and cooling costs will pay for the facility in a very short period of time. Your bottom line is always better when your expenses are minimized, the formula for success.

The Wine cave experience without blasting into a mountain!

Have us build you an earth buried cave facility without the extreme engineering or cost. The design potential is unlimited!

Whether your vision is old world or ultra modern, Monolithic Technology is the solution.

If it’s a wine tasting space with a traditional feel or simply a cutting edge process and storage facility, the solution is simple.