grow domes

With today’s rising food prices and GMOs bringing the quality of our fruits and vegetables into question, food security is becoming a serious concern for everyone. Having quick access to nutrient dense, high quality organic produce is becoming more difficult by the day. With monolithic dome technology and innovations such as full spectrum LED lighting systems, a monolithic grow dome is an excellent way to secure your family’s food supply. Grow domes can be constructed as small cabin sized structures that are transportable if necessary or very large facilities covering acres of land and yielding orders of magnitude greater amounts of produce utilizing vertical farming techniques. Couple a monolithic grow dome with renewable energy systems and your food security issues have virtually disappeared. Contact us today to discuss your grow dome options.

dscf8472-editkl cabininterior  Untitledmedium_img_0454 large_dsc03708ULTIMATE_GRODOME 1_Acre_Footprint_GroDome