The Monolithic Dome is a micro-energy user. It needs a minimum of energy to maintain a comfortable interior, usually one fourth of that used by other types of structures. In fact, it takes less energy to heat or cool a Monolithic Dome than it does to heat or cool a super-insulated metal building or a conventional house blanketed in an airtight wrap. The images below are thermographic images highlighting the extreme energy efficiency of monolithic building technology. Thermographic images provide the most empirical evidence regarding the true energy efficiency of a building’s envelope. These structures are incredibly energy efficient thereby affordable to operate.

Heated Monolithic Dome Shop — This first picture is of a heated Monolithic Dome Shop in Saskatchewan, Canada.The picture was taken at 25 degrees below zero. It is a standard color photograph taken by a standard camera. Note the metal buildings in the background. (Rob Phillips)





This next picture shows the same building through a thermographic camera at the same 25 degrees below zero. Note the Monolithic Dome is black. This is a heated shop. There is no heat loss through the Dome shell. The door (insulated) is leaking heat especially at the cracks between the sections and along the edges. (Rob Phillips)



Same building, Same situation but further around the building. Note the temperatures on the side bar. The black is about 25 degrees below zero. The colors denote higher temperatures. (Rob Phillips)



The back side of the Monolithic Dome shows virtually no heat loss as there is no color. (Rob Phillips)



Internal image of shop next door to the Monolithic Shop. Note the black areas – this is the 25 degree below temperature showing on the inside of the building. This insulated building shows virtually no insulation along the metal framing. (Rob Phillips)


Internal image of a metal gymnasium near by. Here again note the colors of the exterior walls. (Rob Phillips)


This thermograph is of a 1980 vintage metal building that is considered well insulated. The picture indicates this is true for a metal building. But even here the heat loss can be seen by the colors. (Rob Phillips)


Another metal shop building adjacent. Note the brighter colors indicate more heat loss (obviously) than that of the the super insulated Monolithic Dome. (Rob Phillips)