Connell’s Lakes Summer Home

Dome Away From Home

One of our biggest challenges to date due to a harsh and unrelenting winter but the final product shows well. This dome is a 36 ft diameter dome on a 7ft stem wall to allow for a full second level. 18ft tall augments were used to provide adequate height in the second level rooms and to accept the windows. The most outstanding feature would have to be the large window wall providing an exceptional view to the lake. Featuring a geothermal system with a lake loop for both heating and air conditioning, this dome away from home will serve it’s owners well for for this generation and the next. This project required us to remove the existing cottage on site and highlights just how well a monolithic dome can be constructed within confined spaces, nestled into the woods without excessive damage or removal of trees. This dome is a true testament to the wide range of design options available to monolithic dome construction.


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